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Current Press Releases

1/20/2015What's Your Handle? @MD_SDAT is Online
5/29/2018Update - Tax Relief May Be Available For Property Owners Impacted By Heavy Rain and Flood Damage
7/25/2017Tax Relief May Be Available For Property Owners Impacted By Severe Weather
5/18/2018Tax Relief May Be Available For Property Owners Impacted By Heavy Rain and Flood Damage
8/21/2015September 1st is the Deadline to Submit the Renters' Tax Credit Application
3/8/2019SDAT's 2019 Homeowners' and Renters' Tax Credit Applications Now Available
4/1/2019SDAT's 2019 Annual Business Filings Due in Two Weeks
7/9/2018SDAT’s Maryland Business Express Releases New Online Services, Begins Accepting Resolutions
8/31/2018SDAT’s Maryland Business Express Begins Accepting Previous Year Filings Online
12/28/2018SDAT’s 2019 Reassessment Shows 9.1% Statewide Increase in Group 1 Property Values
1/10/2019SDAT’s 2019 Annual Business Filings and Online Extension System Now Available
5/19/2015SDAT Wins Merit Award for Business Portal
6/1/2018SDAT Will Accept Late Filings from Ellicott City Businesses Through September 30
6/2/2015SDAT Warns Homeowners of Misleading Property Assessment Letter
12/14/2017SDAT to Streamline Annual Business Filing Process For 2018, Extension Requests Now Available
2/8/2018SDAT Streamlines Annual Business Filing Process, 2018 Online Submissions Now Available
10/3/2018SDAT Releases Second Annual Customer Service Report
10/18/2017SDAT Releases New Version of Maryland Business Express, Begins Accepting PayPal
10/5/2017SDAT Releases First Annual Customer Service Report
7/18/2018SDAT Offers Tax Relief, Mails More Than 75,000 Postcards for Tax Credit Awareness Campaign
8/8/2017SDAT Offers Tax Relief, Mails More Than 100,000 Postcards for Tax Credit Awareness Campaign
4/9/2018SDAT Annual Reports and Personal Property Tax Returns Due in One Week
2/4/2015Renters' Tax Credit for Eligible Marylanders
8/10/2015Renters' Tax Credit Deadline Approaching
5/8/2015Owners of Damaged Businesses in Baltimore City May Qualify for Tax Relief
3/28/2018New Maryland Business Express Nomination
2/9/2015Multiple Property Assessment Notices Causing Confusion
2/10/2015Maryland Launches Online Business Personal Property Return Service
8/14/2018Homeowners’ and Renters’ Tax Credit Applications Due in Three Weeks
4/27/2018Hogan Administration's Maryland Business Express Website Receives National Awards
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​Press Inquiries & Public Information Act Requests

For all press inquiries or to submit a request for information under Maryland's Public Information Act (Maryland Annotated Code, General Provisions Article, Title 4), please contact:

Jason Davidson, Director of Public Affairs
Phone: 410-767-5754